Category: Reconciliation Contract

What is a Reconciliation Contract?

Reconciliation contracts are a relatively popular in the US but over here in the UK, they are less well known. The contract can often help a couple sort out their differences by pressing pause on a divorce, allowing time to sort out the terms of any future split if attempts at reconciliation ultimately fail.  

Whether a reconciliation contract could be seen as an alternative to divorce depends on how far a married couple are away from making a final decision to divorce. To be useful for both parties there should be some chance of a reconciliation as the name of the contract suggests.  

The contract can be used not only for financial agreements but also to provide an opportunity to press the reset button with commitments given to curb the behaviour that led to divorce proceedings in the first place such as adultery, or addictive behaviour.  

This can bring the added benefit of allowing couples to make a fresh start and feel more secure in a relationship where they feel the partner at fault is making a genuine commitment to changing their behaviour. The reconciliation contract will make clear the consequences of any breach and the practical details of a future split will already be included, simplifying the process of divorce.