Could January 2017 be a Quieter ‘Divorce Month’?

January is traditionally the month when people make promises to themselves to make a fresh start and this can mean seeking divorce. But will this be a quieter year?

The Office for National Statistics revealed a record drop in divorce rates in 2014 when divorces fell to a new 40-year low. 2014 saw 111,169 divorces which was a 3.1% fall on the previous year. The difference becomes even more stark when comparing that figure to 2003 when the number of divorces was 27% higher.

Cuts to legal aid and a rise in cohabitation since the early part of the last decade have both combined to reduce divorce rates.

Surprisingly the highest number of divorces were among men and women in their 40s rather than younger age groups.

Why divorces are more likely to happen in this age group is unclear however economic factors have been blamed in the past for putting pressure on couples. Financial disagreements are often a leading cause of resentments building between married couples and these can become even more pronounced during recessions.

Despite divorce rates declining, most people involved in family law agree that the workload has changed little with disputes over custody and finances a major part of work undertaken.