Couples Could End Up Trapped In Bad Marriages By Hikes In Divorce Fees

The government has already announced plans to hike fees for divorce but this is likely to do more harm than good for those people who may have no option other than to remain in unhappy marriages because they can’t afford to divorce.

Many people who fall between the cracks when it comes to help with paying for a divorce and having the means to pay solicitor’s fees could end up trapped until they can afford to proceed with their case.

Top judges have already highlighted the risk of people staying in abusive marriages which raises the possibility of a knock-on effect to the physical and mental health of the people involved.

Fees are set to rise by 34% and while this will be a significant hit to the finances of many married couples it may also have an impact on their children. Husbands or wives who wish to end their marriage will be asked to pay £550, which marks a rise of £140.

On top of this, fees are set to be doubled for cases related to asylum and immigration. Various other fees are being reviewed with the potential for more increases in the near future as the government seeks to save money and reduce the deficit.