How Long Does It Take To Divorce If A Couple Agree On Everything?

One of the most common questions asked about divorce is “how long will it take?”.  

Deciding to go through with a divorce and end a relationship is not an easy decision for most people. Often getting divorced can not only have an impact on the couple themselves but also on family and friends. The longer that relationship has been in place the more difficult it becomes to untangle all the links and move on to a new phase in life.  

Filing for divorce will in most cases mean all avenues will have been explored to save a relationship so naturally given what is at stake, one or both people in the relationship will be keen to get the process out of the way as soon as possible so that they can continue with their lives.  

Unfortunately, even if a couple is in agreement on everything, there is still a fairly lengthy period of time before a divorce is finalised. The good news is, however, timeframes have fallen a little in recent years following the introduction of regional divorce centres aimed at speeding things up. 

The average time taken for divorce in 2014 was 33 weeks, however this has now been reduced to between 22 and 24 weeks where both parties agree. You can expect the process to take a little longer of course, if both parties are not in agreement.