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Mid Life Crisis Real For Divorcing Older Men

The typical image of the sports car driving middle-aged-man looks to be closer to the truth than ever with the number of older men seeking divorce rising fast. So what’s behind the current rise in older men divorcing?

According to the latest statistics, men over 45 are now more likely to be filing for divorce where once it was women. When it comes to figures for the under-45s women are still the more likely to seek divorce possibly while they are still young enough to recover from the impact.

Men meanwhile are seen as more likely to have the ability to move on with their lives financially in middle age where they will have reached the peak of their earning potential. Analysts also suggest that financially secure men are more attractive to some younger women and this increases the risk of men divorcing their partners for a younger model.

For men over 60 the gap between men and women is at its most pronounced with 9,443 men divorced compared to 5,783 women.

Individuals who decide to end their marriages in their 50s and 60s are sometimes referred to as “silver splitters” and the number of divorces in this age group as increase significantly in recent years. In fact the figure is put at an increase of 85% between 1990 and 2012.