Welsh Government Introduces New Fostering and Adoption Measures

Following the recent closure of the British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), the Welsh government is taking measures it hopes will maintain and improve upon the work done by the former charity.

The announcement comes just after the largest association of professional social workers wrote about their concerns for the future of fostering and adoption without the help provided by the charity.

One of the key measures announced is the passing on of the Wales Adoption Register to the National Adoption service. However it is not just the service itself that has been affected. Staff training and a new helpline will be operated by a new body.

Many of the staff who would previously have worked for the BAAF will be recruited to the new body. It is hoped that this will ensure that standards in the sector are maintained in Wales and best practice guidelines are adhered to.

The British Association of Social Workers have already expressed their concern about the closure of BAAF and it looks likely that even with a new body being set up, it will be difficult to maintain standards and existing staff training.

With social workers often under pressure, the closure of the BAAF is likely to put more pressure on resources and staff.