Women More Likely to Own Up To Adultery

A report in the Telegraph reveals that women are more likely to own up to cheating on their husbands because they are said to be “more pragmatic”.

The suggestion that women are more open and honest about cheating than men has been drawn from a study by a law firm which has examined the changing patterns of divorce cases in recent years.

The long term trend, according to the Office of National Statistics, is a move away from adultery as grounds for divorces to ‘unreasonable behaviour’.

Unreasonable behaviour, even if it might include hidden adultery, is easier to prove unless real evidence can be presented that an affair has in fact taken place.

The easiest way to approve adultery is an admission of guilt. Coming clean about cheating is apparently easier for women than it is for men who prefer to contest rather than admit to cheating.

Women have historically been less likely to commit adultery but when they do they are happy to ‘take it on the chin’ and own up according to national statistics. Men are more reluctant to be seen as the guilty party and prefer to be divorcing for the less dramatic sounding ‘unreasonable behaviour’.