Month: December 2013

Converting Civil Partnership to Same Sex Marriage

Since same sex marriage became legal in March last year, there were a lot of couples in civil partnerships who were left with a huge dilemma. Under current legislation they would have to get a dissolution of their civil partnership before they can enter a same sex marriage.

A same sex couple have recently pursued legal action against the Government to be able to convert their civil partnership to a same sex marriage. When they entered into a civil partnership in 2008, same sex marriage was not possible in the UK.

There were plans for new legislation to come into force in March this year to allow the conversion, however the legislation has been delayed. Solicitors are now asking the government to confirm timetables for any issues with the Act to be resolved, so that same sex couples already in civil partnerships can be certain of when they will be able to get married.

The Government has been heavily criticized for not considering all of the implications of the same sex marriage bill before it was brought into force.

Declaration of Parentage

If you are in a situation where you want to get a declaration of parentage because your name is not on your child’s birth certificate, or perhaps you are a child who wants to get a declaration after the death of a parent, you may need to engage the services of a solicitor.

You can of course make the application yourself by approaching the Circuit Court Office or District Court Office. You will be given the appropriate forms, but you will not be assisted to fill them in. This is the point at which you will probably require a solicitor.

Paternity is assumed by law if the parents of the child married. However if they are not, the fathers name must be on the birth certificate for children to get maintenance or inheritance.

A court can order paternity tests and decide who is to pay for the testing as it is not available on the NHS. It may be that the mother is liable for the costs, or the costs are split between both parents.

If you require assistance with any paternity issue, whether you are a mother, father or you are seeking a declaration of parentage as a child, you can contact our team on 0845 548 1007.