Month: November 2014

Making Arrangements for Children at Christmas

Christmas is a family time, with children being the main focus. However, Christmas can be a difficult time for separated parents. Many parents may find themselves facing challenges when trying to agree the best arrangements for their children over the holiday period. Often both parents will want their children to be with them on Christmas day. Avoiding this clash of expectations by making arrangements early on is the best way to ensure the holidays can be stress free for both parents and children.

The key to avoiding unnecessary conflict is for parents to communicate with each other and plan Christmas contact well in advance. Many parents are going to be separated for the first time this Christmas, but they should seek to ensure that the pressure of these arrangements does not affect their child or children’s welfare. However, if a former partner is being obstructive on this, there are options you can consider such as communicating with your former partner by setting out your proposals for contact over the Christmas period, or instructing a solicitor to write a letter. Family mediation may also be an option, or if such routes are unsuccessful, it may be necessary to apply to the court to specifically deal with Christmas contact.

Christmas arrangements should be child-focused and many children split time between parents. If arrangements cannot be agreed, it is never too early to start thinking about your options rather than leaving it to the last minute.

We want to help you make the most suitable contact arrangements for your separated family at Christmas. This is a highly emotional area of family law for the entire family. Amongst other services, we are able to draw up an agreement reflecting what has been agreed in family-based arrangement. Consulting our specialist lawyers in our Altrincham or Manchester offices is a great first step. We can talk you through your options and help you decide what is the best way to proceed. Please contact us on 0161 927 3118 for a free 20 minute consultation.

Should Sacrificing Your Career For Your Marriage Be Considered In Divorce Settlements?

Every week there are high profile divorce cases where wives who previously gave up their careers for their marriages are involved in bitter disputes over settlements.

The law is often not clear cut in cases where assets are worth several million pounds and proceeds from the sale of those assets can in the court’s opinion be used to maintain a reasonably affluent lifestyle.

One case in point is that of what the Telegraph calls “High flying housewife” Julia Hammans who is demanding a larger slice of her husband’s £11 million. While both Mrs Hammans and her husband started out on equal terms, the former decided to give up her career when her first child was born.
The court ruled that Mrs Hammans needed £80,000 a year to live on as well as the £1.75 million home she shared with her husband and a £400,000 cash settlement. Mrs Hammans argued that she required another £2.2 million on top of the settlement because her income is 10 times less than that of her husband.

Despite, in theory, having the opportunity to keep the family home, the house would need to be sold to generate enough cash to meet the £80,000 a year income.

The case is currently being contested at the Court of Appeal on the grounds that Mrs Hammans deserves to live a similarly affluent lifestyle to her husband because she sacrificed her career to do so.