Month: January 2016

Sharia Law And Adoption

Adopting children from other countries can be a complex process. It is also one that can sometimes end in heartbreak for those who may be forced to return a child as a result of them being unaware of the laws and customs in other countries.

Adopting a child from a Sharia country is more complicated than most due to strict rules that place restrictions on the rights of adoptive parents. In Sharia Law, biological parents always have the final say when it comes to their children which means those seeking to adopt a child must become guardians. Biological parents will continue to have legal rights over the child and there will often be a form signed to ensure this is the case before a child is handed over.

Under what is known as the kafala system, biological parents can request that their child can be returned to them even when the child has settled in with their adoptive guardians. Complications don’t end there however.

UK nationals will need to seek permission from the local authority for the child to enter the UK and proof must be provided that the child is being brought in under a private fostering arrangement or as a Kafala child.

a special guardianship order under the Children Act 1989 will need to be obtained so that adoptive parents will be able to take responsibility for the child.

New Year, New Start – Divorce Tips For 2015

The start of the year is often a time for reflection and this includes relationships. If the festive period didn’t rekindle the love you once felt for your husband or wife and they are becoming unbearable to stay married to – here are 5 tips to prepare for divorce.

Think about the children
Divorce can be particularly tough on children. Think carefully before you make the ultimate decision and seek advice on how to prepare them if divorce is definitely on the cards.

Who’s moving out?
Seeking a divorce is only the beginning of a long road where many important decisions will need to be made. Getting a divorce means you probably won’t want to be in the same house as each other so someone will need to move out.

Try an maintain some communication
Good communication can make a divorce less stressful so try and keep the lines open even if it’s by email.

Continue to be a good parent
It’s easy for the attention to be taken away from the children in the midst of a divorce which can lead to important things being missed such as who’s picking up the children from school or who is responsible if a child gets ill and needs to be sent home.