Month: June 2018

What Happens To Joint Mortgages During And After Divorce

It is very common for married couples to take on a joint mortgage on their home but if a marriage ends in divorce it isn’t easy to make a clean break when the lender still expects payments to be kept up as before.  

Attempting to negotiate a way out of a joint mortgage will of course depend on individual circumstances. Also, if there are children involved, things can get even more complicated particularly if the couple relied on each other’s incomes to be able to afford a mortgage in the first place.  

Then there are cases where the partner who has custody of the children cannot afford repayments on their own when they either work part time or they care for the children full time.  In these cases the hope is that a former spouse will continue to make the mortgage payments even if they no longer live in the property.  

This however is asking a lot when that person will wish to move on with life after the marriage has ended.  

If you are the person left in a property unable to make the mortgage payments if your former partner refuses to pay their half, then you can contact your local Citizens Advice about potential benefits you may be able to receive.   

If you do have sufficient funds to cover the mortgage then you may be able to have the mortgage transferred to you as part of a clean break divorce by consent.  

Kirsten the Iron-Lady making waves for the NSPCC – not quite your regular Sunday lunch!

Lund Bennett Partner, Kirsten Bennett competed in the gruelling IRONMAN 70.3 on Sunday the 10thJune.

‘The Staffordshire’ consists of a 1.2-mile swim as an appetiser with a 56-mile bike ride for mains followed by a 13.1-mile run for dessert.

As the photos show, Kirsten managed the whole event with a smile and was delighted to have raised funds for the NSPCC.

Kirsten said “It was tough-going, especially on such a hot day. I’m pleased with my time and also feel proud to have raised awareness for such an important charity, the NSPCC” she went on to add “…as for next weekend, it’ll be back to Sunday lunch for me!”

 As she’s a past ‘London Marathoner’, be sure to keep a look out for Kirsten’s next outing………….

Getting A Divorce If You Have Children

One of the biggest concerns for parents contemplating a divorce is what will happen will happen to their children. From who gets custody to maintenance payments, the whole process of coming to an agreement can be difficult for both parties.  

If you are in this position then one thing you will be relieved to hear is that children are not included in the divorce case itself. Matter concerning the children are treated separately nowadays and cases are often quite straightforward. 

In some cases divorced parents can resolve what happens with the children themselves without having to go through lengthy court battles of the kind you might have seen on tv or in the movies. Arrangements for the children are now made via family courts under what is called a child arrangements order while housing and maintenance payments are dealt with again separately as part of financial relief proceedings.  

Even before any of these cases are brought before the courts there will be a mediation process to try to resolve any outstanding issues before going to court.  Family based arrangements can be made between ex partners to sort out child maintenance without the involvement of third parties which is often far less stressful than having to involve others.