Back to school creates its own issues for separated parents

Lund Bennett Family Law - Cheshire and Manchester

Now the summer holidays are ending, and the oh-so-frightening GCSE results day has passed, separated parents are having to carefully consider how to deal with contact arrangements for term-time.
With the new school term approaching, parents are having to negotiate the drop-offs and pick-ups whilst also considering other matters such as uniforms and various school equipment. These discussions can quickly become topics of heated discussion.

Navigating such arrangements with an ex-partner can be tricky and the resulting disagreements can have a negative impact on the children. The key to such arrangements is effective communication. Sometimes this requires taking a step back from the situation and have a professional help both parties to evaluate the important issues.

Except in limited circumstances, such as where there are issues of domestic violence, both parties are required to attend mediation prior to starting court proceedings. This is to try to encourage parents to resolve their disputes without needing to incur the associated emotional and financial costs.

A recent review has revealed that the levels of private children applications starting in the family courts is at an all-time high. Having an effective process in place with clear advice from a family law solicitor can make all the difference and potentially avoid the need for parents going to court.

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