Can Social Media Cause Divorce?

The Internet has been blamed for many of the dramatic changes that have taken place in society in recent decades, social media in particular. But can the influence of social media really be a reason for couples to divorce?

Some divorce lawyers certainly think so and they see it as the cause of a growing proportion of marital breakdowns.

One of the main reasons for this is the way people present their personal lives online. Facebook posts often show people at their best, enjoying great food, holidays in exotic locations and happy families.

It’s understandable that anyone reading these posts who has the misfortune of being in an unhappy marriage will feel some discontentment with their own lives.

‘Facebragging’, as it is sometimes called, is a well-established part of Facebook and it is natural for users to feel the pressure when they can’t compete with the kind of lives their friends and acquaintances are living.

While social media has its good points, it also encourages less interaction and communication in the real world which can bring its own disruption to family life. Social media can also expose bad behaviour particularly if images are posted or comments are made and shared with others in social circles.

While social media cannot be entirely to blame for marital breakups, it can certainly help tip strained relationships over the edge.