Divorce enquiries soar by 95% in pandemic with women driving surge in interest

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An article from The Independent has reported that there has been a surge in divorce enquiries to legal firms across the UK by 95%, most notably from women.

The report has suggested that around three-quarters of couples who separated or divorced say they had no tensions before pandemic began.

The data studied by The Independent has showed the proportion of enquiries surged from 4,505 in January to March 2020 to 8,801 queries between January and March of this year.

The data, collected by a large UK law firm cited the reasons for divorce were:

  • Spending too much time together, which led to too many arguments.
  • 2 out of 10 couples cited financial pressures, while the same proportion felt they had grown apart from their partner or spouse during the lockdown and pandemic.
    • The pandemic has heigthened many issues for couples over the past year. The report highlighted that pre-existing tensions have come to light and that people may have drifted apart and gone in different directions and they don’t realise until they spend more time together.

      The research also found around 7 in 10 have been more anxious about their financial situation because of the COVID crisis. While almost half said financial worries had triggered conflict in their relationships.

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