Report by Trades Union Congress and Women’s aid reveals the devastating impact of financial abuse

The report, entitled ‘Women’s experience of financial abuse and potential implications for Universal Credit’ reveals the reality of the lives of many women who are trapped in financially abusive relationships. In many cases women are left with no money for basic essentials such as food and clothing for themselves and their children.

Finance abuse, according to the report, comprises the control of money, exploitation of survivor’s income and time, and sabotage of their efforts to get resources such as through paid work.

The report found that:

– 77% said their mental health had been affected by financial abuse
– 75% were prevented from seeing family and friends
– 76% said that their partner kept financial information from them
– More than 40% of those receiving benefits or tax credits said their partners took their benefits from them.

Many women also noted that the financial abuse increased and continued after separation, often relating to child maintenance or financial proceedings.

Financial abuse can have a devastating impact and can leave victims without access to their own bank accounts, with no access to independent income and debts that have been built up by abusive partners set against their names. The report calls for changes to be made such as banks dealing with abuse more effectively and changes to the delivery of Universal Credit to reduce the risk of further opportunities for financial abuse.

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