Social Media and Divorce

Social media has become an almost indispensable part of life in the past decade to the point where even world leaders use it to express their frustrations. Rightly or wrongly, posts on Twitter and Facebook reveal a lot about a person and unfortunately this can often include information that shouldn’t be made public.  

One headline in the newspapers this month revealed how Louise Redknapp was flashing he ‘ring-free hand’ on Instagram.  

While the celebrity had already completed here divorce from ex-footballer Jamie Redknapp, this said a lot about how much a post such as this can go viral and go beyond a simple post into wider media coverage.  

Outside of celebrity circles the rest of us might not attract quite so much interest but it is important to control the urge to post anything that could be detrimental in a divorce case. Issues should as children, how much money is being spent and other private details should be kept off social media.  

It may even be worth taking a short break or deleting accounts altogether for a time until the fuss dies down. Some well-meaning friends often feel compelled to express their sympathy if they hear the news and this can also leave you vulnerable to having your private life posted for all to see.