Things to Know Before you Get a Divorce

Lund Bennett Family Law - Cheshire and Manchester
  • Don’t make important decisions without thinking them through. Many life-changing decisions come up during a divorce. For example, you may have to determine whether to you need to sell the family home. Resist the impulse to make a quick decision just to get the case over with. When making important choices, it’s essential that you consider the potential consequences. Lund Bennett are here to help you make those important decisions and ensure that you are not alone. Every divorce is different
  • Every divorce is different. Don’t believe everything other people tell you about their divorce. Your divorced friends may give you advice about what should happen in your divorce. Unfortunately, the information and advice you get from other people can be misleading or wrong. Every divorce has a different set of issues. Your friends may believe what happened in their divorce is typical, but it’s best not to base your decisions on someone else’s experiences. Instead, rely on the advice you get from your solicitor whom are familiar with the specifics of your case.
  •  Have reasonable expectations. Sometimes, divorcing spouses have goals that are completely unreasonable or inconsistent with the law. If you want your divorce case resolved quickly, you need to understand how the law applies to your case and have a reasonable expectation about the outcome. Consult with a solicitor at Lund Bennett to get a better understanding of the potential outcome(s) in your case.