Unreasonable or Simply Annoying Behaviour?

A recent article in the local paper revealed some bizarre reasons used by couples to divorce and how people are becoming more and more creative when using the claim of unreasonable behaviour.  

It is well documented that living as a couple isn’t easy and involves a fair degree of compromise to make a marriage work. Unfortunately, sometimes there is something about a partner, husband or wife that becomes unbearable and this can often be something that seems trivial.  

People have used anything from disagreements over politics to spending too much time on the Internet as grounds for unreasonable behaviour. The suspicion is that the latter is likely to be used more and more as people spend more and more of their time staring at mobile phones and not interacting. 

In the past unreasonable behaviour would often be used when a partner drank too much alcohol on a regular basis or was unable or unwilling to contribute to the family finances. Now the possibilities have really started to open up and reflect the changes in the way we now live our lives.    

Although you could perhaps tie most of the claims for unreasonable behaviour down to just a few basic human needs. Sex when a partner consistently withholds it or sleep when a partner snores loudly and prevents the other person from nodding off.