At Lund Bennett Law, we maintain strong client relationships. We greatly value our clients' feedback about our services.

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Many thanks for all your efforts Kirsten you really have been so professional and supportive at some very difficult times for me.

K. Whiteley

Dear Sharon Lund, thank you for all your help in guiding me through the divorce process and financial settlement. I have really valued your professional steel and your friendly advice! I will not hesitate to contact you in the future if I have any further concerns.

Mrs H | Sale

I had spoken to a number of family lawyers before choosing Kirsten Bennett; she had been recommended to me by a close friend, for whose family I knew she had already achieved a fair outcome.

Kirsten immediately understood and empathised with the specific needs of my children around childcare arrangements, and brought to bear a very detailed knowledge of family law, in particular new legislation introduced only a few months earlier. She also provided a much needed and very welcomed balance when emotions around my divorce ran high, and there was a need for perspective and objectivity. Equally, Kirsten was not afraid to advise me on occasion that I should remain mindful of unforeseen consequences, and perhaps consider a different approach. She always discussed options with me, together with likely outcomes. At times, she even had the courage to advise me that I was in the wrong, albeit in a respectful and professional manner at all times!

Kirsten is an exceptional advocate, and a very skilful negotiator. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone, especially those seeking the best outcome for their children. It was important to me that the family lawyer I chose should also be a member of Resolution, as their ethos and Code of Practice is entirely in line with what I had hoped to achieve for my own family. The outcome she actually achieved was certainly consistent with all that they stand for.

My extended family is very grateful to Kirsten for all that she has done to help us; divorce is stressful for the whole family, and for new partners too. However, we now feel that we can move on with new chapters in our lives.

M Hardwick | Yorkshire

Thank you for all of your professional help which you have given to me with kindness. I am so grateful that I found a solicitor who not only had my best interests at heart which is obviously required, but who was able to consider the emotional aspects and how they too were influencing me as the situation evolved.

I hope I don’t have the need to use your service in the future, but I am glad that I did when I needed legal support and would recommend your service to others if they should require similar support.

Thank you again and thank you to your team

Mrs H | Stockport

Dear Sharon, I want to thank you and your team for your support, guidance and professionalism during my recent divorce proceedings. This process will be difficult and emotionally draining for anyone who experiences it. Having to go through it whilst I was positioned overseas should have made it more so. It is with this in mind that I really want to express my gratitude and sincere thanks. Given my personal circumstances you have made this challenging period in my life far more tolerable than I had imagined both physically and emotionally.

I found your advice to always be well balanced and constructive and in addition I so greatly appreciate your willingness and ability to listen and follow up with honest feedback. Please also convey my thanks and appreciation to your team. Many thanks, David.

David B | Crosby

Kirsten, I’d like to thank you for working with me to get the good deal you got for me. I’ve enjoyed working with you as you’ve been supportive and understanding through a difficult time.

G Alexander

Kirsten is an excellent Solicitor who strives to deliver the best outcome whilst recognising the individual needs of her clients. Her approach is with a high degree of understanding and empathy whilst managing expectations with a high level of sensitivity. Kirsten is thorough and consistent in her work from start to finish, and offers realistic and practical advice and support, especially in relation to Family Matters.

I have been very impressed and reassured by the level of care and support Kirsten has provided to my family and I during a difficult time. Her extensive knowledge, continued positivity, and unwavering dedication to achieving a happy end result for us has made a huge difference to our lives and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering legal help.

K Blackwell

At a time of considerable anguish, I cannot thank the team at Lund Bennett enough. I entrusted all my personal affairs with two very professional individuals and as a result, I've come through and am now able to move on with my life.

PB | Altrincham

When life dealt a cruel blow and I was feeling bereft, fearful, vulnerable and at a loss as to what to do, I found Kirsten Bennett who took control and steered me a long a road to recovery.

Her professionalism was second to none! Always reliable and approachable, calm and confident, firm, but fair, Kirsten dealt with everything in the greatest detail from the instigation of non-molestation orders, divorce itself, arrangements and best interests of my children, along with concern for my extended family, then arrangements for will making when divorce was complete. Through my darkest, most difficult journey, Kirsten helped allay all my fears and anxieties (of which there were many) and shouldered my burdens with kindness and compassion. Her guiding strength sat with me every step of the way.

C.P | Sale

Kirsten, I have been professionally coached, counselled and advised throughout my life and career but I can honestly say my consultation with you ranks amongst the most impressive in terms of benefit and professionalism.

RS | Derbyshire

Dear Grace, I would like to say a massive thank you to yourself in particular and the firm for helping me with this process . From start to finish I have felt in safe hands with yourself and I wish you the utmost success in the future with your career! You Will Fly!

Mr AS | Manchester

Dear Sharon and Grace, thank you so much for the hard work you have put into my divorce. I couldn't have gone the distance without the advice, support and knowledge of Lund Bennett Law. There were times when I felt like giving up and you saw me through those times to enable me to obtain a financial agreement that I am more than satisfied with and which is enabling me to start my new life. Many thanks and the best of luck for the future.

Mrs L | Sale

I was introduced to Kirsten about 18 months ago and I have found her to be one of the most proactive and commercial lawyers in the business. Whilst clearly a strong businesswoman, her understanding of law is impeccable. She is always keen to provide a number of commercial solutions and helps clients make sound and informed choices. She never hides behind complexity or legal jargon and this allows her clients to weigh up their options quickly and make clear decisions.

Kirsten’s negotiation skills against other lawyers are well thought out and often lead to the best commercial outcome for her clients. I would add that she never over negotiates, meaning that once instructed, her drive and determination to see a job through leads to quick, decisive and beneficial outcomes.

NP | Manchester

Sharon Lund provided me with sound advice from start to finish.

I approached Sharon not really knowing my rights, my next steps or how to approach any of it. All of the many issues were quickly prioritised and applications to courts were submitted as quickly as possible to avoid delay down the line.

Sharon’s knowledge of every aspect of divorce law from the children side of things to the financial side of things was second to none and provided me with the confidence to argue my case much rigorously.

I also felt Sharon gave me emotional support through the whole process too. She seemed to have a real empathy with my situation and often gave me the strength to carry on after our (numerous!!) phone calls.

The last 15 months has probably been the hardest of my life; Sharon and her team have made the process a whole lot easier and I was certainly pleased to have them in my corner, rather than the opposite corner.

The approach used meant we had full control over the situation throughout.

M Lanfear

Sharon and her staff at Lund Bennett Law are always professional but provide legal advice in a compassionate and understanding way. The last 18 months going through a divorce has been the worst time of my life but Sharon was at the end of the ‘phone and I felt she was there for me from start to finish. All issues were dealt with promptly and I felt that Sharon gave me not only sound legal advice but emotional support throughout the whole process.

There were some days when I felt like giving up and walking away particularly when my husband was being difficult but she gave me the strength and confidence to carry on. I always felt so much better after speaking to her. She put my mind at ease about the court process when court intervention was necessary.

I cannot recommend Sharon Lund and her team highly enough to anyone who has to go through a divorce’

D Robinson | Bolton